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So now that our website is fully functional and we are now Opened for Business, we have moved our blog to our own website.

Here we will continue with our Journey and we hope that you follow along with us.

We are also going to start sharing pictures and our take on events in the area, starting with the Pictou Lobster Carnival that was held this past weekend.

We hope you continue to follow along here


See you soon!!


The long road …

Well its been a hard few months and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank goodness.

I have loved every minute (well almost) of living here in Nova Scotia, the people that we have met (well almost) have been incredible.  They are so friendly and down to earth and good.   No, I don’t have blinders on, there are some not so good people here too, but I don’t dwell on bad, I move forward with good.  So back to the journey, its been a long hard winter.  Weather wise of course, we all know that it was a hard winter for Canada, but for us here, in a new house with new ways of doing things it was especially hard and yes I”m sticking to that.  It was Cold, damn cold and now i’m done with talking about the cold.

So lets talk about good things.  Good thing number 1, we are currently dotting the i’s and crossing our t’s this week for our final inspections.  We are so close to opening.  We are so excited.  We keep getting phone calls and emails from people wanting to reserve rooms and unfortunately I need to keep telling them that we aren’t opened yet.  But that’s soon to change.  Hopefully by the end of next week.

Good thing number 2, the rooms are done!!!  This blog is going to show you a sneak peak of our new place…  Just a few rooms to give you a taste of what we have done.  You’ll have to see the rest of the pictures on the website.   Now don’t get all huffy, we want to have a little bit of mystery until our grand opening.  But I’ll show you some pictures that you haven’t seen yet, so don’t complain.

We are diligently working with the weather here this week to get the landscaping done.  There are lots of plants and flowers in the garden but like most everything else here in this old home, the upkeep wasn’t done and we have a lot of overgrowth and weeds and such.  But the good news is we are working on that now.  And we have a very good friend of ours doing that with us, so lol, I don’t pull out flowers thinking they are weeds and leaving weeds thinking that they are plants.  I’m not so hopeless in the garden anymore but everything is different out here.  LMAO

The first transition we have done, okay not really a transition, we changed the carpets and the furniture but kept the color.  But its ours now, so its a transition for us..

Yes the colours are the same, its the difference between a professional photographers equipment and my really good, but not that good equipment.  Did you notice the stairs, we painted them brown and white, which we think makes them POP!!!  I’m loving the hallway…  a few more pictures maybe, who knows, but for now its awesome!  Oh and that chandelier is temporary.  I brought one home from my mom’s and once I refinish it, it will look grand in the foyer.



That desk you see there at the front door, is called a Cratchit desk.  I was told they call them that because it is like the desk that Bob Cratchit used in A Christmas Carol.  Anyway, whatever the reason we loved the desk and bought it at an auction.  And you know how much I love auctions.  That Hall Tree and the deacon’s bench are also from an auction.  I wanted something different from what I was used to so we got those for an amazing price at an auction so now its here.  The rest of the furniture, pictures and decorations in the room was brought from my house in Holland Landing, we’ve been subconsciously planning this B&B for a long time.  The sideboard was the one I brought from my mom’s house.  Its absolutely gorgeous and fits in really nice here.  I’m glad its got a new forever home.  That red chair in the corner we bought that from our new friends Myrna and Blaise, here in Nova Scotia.  They have bears on their property and I can’t wait to go back and see one for real.  Right now I’ll settle for watching their videos.  LOL


virtual-tour-118590-07-1373904321-enlarge       IMG_5648

And here is the Dining Room where our guests will be able to sit down and enjoy their fantastic breakfast, cooked to order, and of course cereal, coffee, tea and baked goods.

Five of the six tables were purchased here in Nova Scotia, we even have a Duncan Phyfe table.  The other round table I brought back from my mom’s house.  It was a beautiful oak table with great carvings on the side.  I couldn’t let it go to Goodwill, so now it has a new forever home like the sideboard.

Most of the tea sets and dishes in the room were also part of my mom’s collection.  She had a lot of dishes and what my sister didn’t take, I made sure to give it a new home so it stays in the family.  Who knows these may be heirlooms some day that my nieces and nephews will have.


Now the first bedroom… i”m only showing 1 shot..  more to come on the website, which I have to finish this week..  So this might be the last sneak peak (nah) before Monday.

We’ve named all our rooms after lighthouses.  We thought that was apropos.  There is Neils Harbour in Cape Breton which is north of us, then Peggy’s Point Lighthouse at Peggy’s cove, then Cape Forchu in Yarmouth and rounding out the forth room is Cape d’Or.  We have seen 3 of these lighthouses and they were fantastic, so they are part of our lighthouse tour in our home.  Cape Forchu is on the list for sometime this fall, after our season slows down (yeah yeah, once it starts)..

Here is the Peggy’s Point Room. (picture is crooked.. I know.. I’ve already fixed it.. )

IMG_5657 IMG_5665

And just incase you are wondering, the entire house, rooms and common areas and our spot is a Smoke-Free building.  And for those gentle reminders we’ve placed these in each room.



Well I really have to work on the website now and get these pictures there, then I have to go and get pics of all the other rooms, so I’ll be back soon with another post.

Ciao babies



So I told you about the Royals coming to visit and wasn’t sure if we were going to see them or not but as the hour approached we decided to go and see them. Here’s the story of The Royal Visit in Pictou as seen by The Pictou Puffin.

So the day of the Royal Visit started off like usual, us working hard getting the bed and breakfast ready for our grand opening.  Now don’t go thinking it’s taken a long time cause we know that, but we are doing this right and it will be worth the wait. So chillax my peeps. Lol

Alex and I were not going to  go see the Royals.  Really why. Not like we were going to have them over for a spot of tea or anything. But as the day wore on I started thinking about going and the things I only get one chance to do in life. It’s not like I had to travel miles to see them. It’s not like I had to pay to see them or do anything really. All I had to do was walk out the front door cross the street and walk 3 minutes and voila I would be there.

And as the afternoon  approached I really started thinking about you. Yes you. If I didn’t go down to see the Royals, how was I going to tell you all about it. This is part of my journey and how can I not go. So we went. Yup Alex went to.

We snuck over at 3pm hoping that they would be there at 3:15 ish. Lol. Nope we had to wait about 90 minutes. Probably closer to 2 hours but 90 minutes was probably more realistic.

The streets were lined with people, up and down the streets. Kids everywhere, people with hats on, big smiles and winter jackets.


Did I mention it was cold. The sun was out but it was threatening to rain and it was cold. When the sun shined down on you, you were ok but when the cloud covered it, it was cold. Spring keeps popping its head up here in the Maritimes but keeps deciding to sneak back under the covers and snuggling back in for a few more days. I think it’s a cruel joke being played on the new Ontarians in town. Oh well, it’s cold what can you do. Once it gets hot then I’ll complain about that. Lol

The Sea Cadets were handing out Canadian flags and were dressed in full uniform. I don’t know what the Sea Cadets are actually so I’m going to google that right now, brb. Oh I see they are like Scouts but on the sea. Pretty awesome. I wish I could have been part of brownies or scouts or 4H when I was a kid but oh well, no regrets.


We stood in front of Carvers where they set up a podium with some items on it. Not sure what those items were because we were across the street and couldn’t see it. They also had a carpet; they rolled out the red carpet for the Royals, I thought that was awesome. The owner, can’t remember his name, was handing out British flags, I didn’t get one 😦 . He ran out before he got to me. But that was really nice of him.

While we were waiting, in the cold, we had two marching bands with bagpipes play some ditties for us. Yes bagpipes, really. They were actually really good. I have a new fondness for bagpipes since I saw that guy play Thunderstruck by ACDC on the bagpipes. And since this is The Birthplace of New Scotland the bagpipes were apropos.




They bands kept us entertained and they played music for the Highland Dancers to perform. Those young ladies were really good. It was my first highland dance experience. I was standing beside a lovely lady named Jill while they were dancing and she has a daughter learning how to dance. Did you know that those marvellous kilts sell for about $1000 and the socks around $200 and the slipper/shoes (that’s what I call them) around $100. Geez I thought hockey was expensive. But the ladies were lovely in their outfits and it was very cool to watch.



So after some dancing, some music and a lot of chilliness, it’s almost time. How did I know it was almost time. Well the paparazzi showed up. News reporters were all over the place but not behind the purple ropes, oh no they were in the middle of the street. This does not bode well. They kept taking pictures and they were fixated on these great little kids sitting on the side of the road. Really cute little girls. Then the black SUVs show up. About 7 or 8, again right out of a movie. Not sure who they were all carrying but my assumption is that they were decoys. Lol. Who knows.

Then the Prince and Duchess finally arrive. And once they are out of the car, they are swarmed by the paparazzi, we couldn’t get a shot of Camilla at all. I saw the fancy blue coat she was wearing and I saw later that she looked lovely and had on the tartan which was a nice touch. But I never saw her. I did see Prince Charles and was excited about that.



I actually think he is getting handsome as he grows older.

We watched the Prince and the Attorney General Peter McKay who lives in New Glasgow walk around. Side note when Peter McKay and his wife and child get out of the car, I thought it was William, Kate and George, I got super excited then but alas it was not the other royals. Lol. We ended up staying for another hour or so, snapped some more pictures and the. Went home cause I was freezing and frankly by this time bored. Lol.


All in all it was a great afternoon. I got to do something that I will probably never do again. Could say I scratched it off my bucket list. And I got to share it with you. I’ll have a special page on The Pictou Puffin website to showcase all the pictures we took. But I’ve showed you a few of them.

I hope you enjoyed our Royal tale, they didn’t stop in for tea but they came to my little town.




See you soon. I’m on another adventure next week but I can’t spoil the surprise. So you’ll only get to hear about it after it’s all done. Sorry but this is a secret I wanna keep


Hey everyone I can’t believe that we are a week away from the Royal Visit.  Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) will be gracing us with their presence on May 19th.  Why the long weekend you ask, well frankly I’m not 100% certain but it is Victoria Day weekend which means it was Queen Victoria’s birthday, so why not a royal visit on the long weekend.

Pictou is all a buzz (cute really) about the Royal Visit.  I’m a little excited about it too.  I won’t get to see them but I still think its pretty cool that they are going to be a stones throw (not that I would throw stones) away from us.  They are selling tickets to be on the street, so I hear, to get a glimpse of the Royal couple.  (Well this was a rumour, not sure where I heard that from but I must have completely misunderstood it. We did go see them and there were no ticket selling for where we went) no… but good on those that do go.

There are going to be so many people here this weekend.  Unfortunately we are not ready to receive guests or we would have been full up but what can you do.  We are working hard to get things done as fast as we can but restoration takes time and we want it done correctly not quickly.

Back to the Royals though, this should prove to be an interesting weekend.  I can’t wait to see what goes on.  I do know that we will be having a lot of baseball playing in the ball field across from the house.  I guess this is going to be the first time we see if balls actually do come over and hit our house.  I hope not but we shall see.  They are blocking part of Pictou and making it Royal access only for vehicles so it should be fun to see where I can drive that day.  But I’ll probably just stay home on Monday so I can catch all the excitement of the day.

So why are the Royals coming to Pictou of all places, well because I’m here duh!!  okay so you don’t buy that eh?  fine..

“It’s the birthplace of New Scotland,” suggests Pictou Mayor Joe Hawes. “The original Scottish settlers came over, they came over on the Hector. We have a replica of it and it’s here in Pictou.”

“Prince Charles has obviously very Scottish roots and, hopefully, it’s because they want to see where the immigrants landed,” says innkeeper Anne Emmett.

Read more:

Anne Emmett is the owner, along with her husband Mike, of The Braeside Inn here in Pictou.  They are our neighbours and are a lovely couple, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and welcoming.  Mike has been in the restaurant/service industry for over 60 years, he truly is a wealth of knowledge.

Our lovely Ship Hector

Ship Hector, Pictou, Nova Scotia

is already to go.  She/He/It 🙂 was put back up together over the last couple of weeks and I can’t wait to be able to get up close to it.  I was watching them  together through their webcam that they set up.  I’m sure they will take Charles and Camilla to see it when they are here.  Ship Hector officially opens on May 20.  I can’t wait to be a tourist here…

Well that’s about as much as I can write about the pending visit but if I snag some pictures or get some juicy stuff to report back, I certainly will.

Welcome Charles and Camilla to Pictou, stop in at The Pictou Puffin and I’ll give you a tour of this grand ole house, but please excuse the mess as we renovate.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla


Our first B&B bedroom

Technically this is the second room that we’ve done some work to, however the first one is downstairs and we are currently using it to build our beds so no pics of that.   No major decorating work being done (but still a lot of work), we are not changing the decor as we do love the colors and the wall paper but again the ceiling and the trim needed to be fixed.  Tim did an excellent job of it and we are so happy.  Pictures on that room to come very soon.

But first lets go up to the second floor.  This is our first room on the second floor, as you can see from the pictures below, it was a lovely room, but I couldn’t get over that wallpaper… it looks nice from far away but DAMN it was just ugly when you got up close to it… lol  so it had to go…



We decided on a brown color for this room, it is such a rich color and to me screams luxury!!  so we picked, brown.. go figure.. but not just any brown we picked two colors of brown, “muddy waters” for two of the walls and they other two were “paper bag” color… lol, I just love the names they come up with for these colors.  I would have called it dark brown and light brown.

So the prep work began, filling any cracks, smoothing them down, taping the ceiling off  then painting the seams of the wallpaper.  Much easier than taking the damn thing down and well if it works then great!!!.  That gray wall is actually a really light brownish mauvey color.

20140407-200159.jpg 10156379_10154046092740624_1329941340_o 20140407-200149.jpg


Well here’s the “muddy waters” walls… what do you think?


Then comes the other 2 walls… more fixing and painting of the crack filler… Notice all the cracks in the fireplace mantel


10175628_10154056774995624_1606701980_o 10175640_10154056774750624_927926636_o

Well here’s the “paper bag” color and you can see how it looks against the “muddy waters”.  It looks amazing.

10172977_10154060058510624_1118539185_o 10168709_10154060059345624_2012998060_o

10172887_10154060058100624_963417483_o 10245088_10154060059655624_7493469_o

Did you notice the fireplace? no more cracks and it is now pristinely white… as is all the trim in the room…  its an awesome room…  In a couple of weeks (or maybe sooner) I will be able to show you the finished room, with all the furniture and decorations.  I’m thinking its going to look absolutely freakin awesome and I hope you think so too.

Till next time my friends.


New Pictures of the finished room (painting only)

10172294_10154071547200624_322767531_o 10245025_10154071546885624_744037304_o (1) 10263401_10154071547055624_1407313367_o



So as you know we have been working hard for the past three months getting this beautiful home ready for our grand opening in April. Yes I know that it is April but I have to April 30th before I’m officially late. So cut me some slack.

Let’s go back over the past few months. When we first looked at this house we fell in love with it. It was beautifully decorated and the old architecture and the accent pieces that were installed by the original home builders oh so long ago, made this a gorgeous house. Perfect for a B&B. Once we decided to buy the house the home inspector confirmed that the bones of the house was in excellent shape and we only had a few issues that we would have to deal with. So we bought this great house.

When we moved in and started looking at the home we noticed that a lot of the decorative things that were done were only cosmetic fixes. Upon closer inspection these cosmetic fixes needed a face lift. Not a huge deal but everything takes time and the more time we spent fixing all these cosmetic fixes the more time we needed to get going.

We have been extremely lucky in finding some awesome people to help us with the work needed here. Our greatest find was Tim Lunn. He was referred to us by another new friend named Charles Young. We’ll Tim is awesome and he has been fixing our very old ceilings. Removing the cracks from the plaster and painting the ceilings. He’s also painting a couple of our B&B rooms that we felt needed the work first. Everything g takes time and money so we have comprised a priority list and these are the priorities.

So the first from we started with was the dining room. Here is what it looked like before.



The are the pics of how the previous owners had the room. Quite lovely and looking at the pics you really can’t see all the wear and tear on the ceiling.


As you can see from these pics there are a lot of wear cracks in the ceiling. The home is 158 years old, so what did you expect. It’s funny but once Tim started pointing all the cracks I then started seeing all the cracks. But once Tim started working, the cracks started disappearing. Tim’s now referred to as “The Crack Man”.

Here are some of the after pictures for this room. Tim has done an amazing job.


Amazing work isn’t it? I’m in this room now setting up the dining tables and finding tablecloths and organizing the room. I should have it done by the end of the week so I’ll post pictures when I have that part of it done.


The Trek Home

Okay so I lied, the last post said the next post would be about the B&B and what we are doing, but I still have to tell you about the trip home, so I promise the next post will be the beginnings of the B&B coming together.

Well after being in Cambridge 10 days and accomplishing 95% of everything that we needed to get done, it was time to go home.  Poor Alex (okay Amer-Canuck Ladies, insert commentary here) was battling the weather in Nova Scotia.  It wasn’t as cold as it was in Ontario however in Ontario we have central heating with gas.  In Nova Scotia, in our new home we have something a little different.  We use oil to heat our water which circulates through our home through radiators.  It is a wonderfully nice heat and does keep the house toasty warm.  That being said, oil in Nova Scotia is through the roof expensive so we are trying to use our wood doctor (makeshift one, not the name brand) to do the exact same thing.  This year our house was never more than 12 degrees all winter long.  Getting to Ontario and sitting in 23 degree weather in the house, was like being on vacation.  So when I say poor Alex I mean it.  He was battling the wood stove and desperately trying to keep the pipes from freezing.  And with the winter that we had this year in Nova Scotia, it was a cold tough tough cold winter.  So much so that the supply of firewood, dry firewood and green firewood all but disappeared.  Suffice it to say, it was time to go home.

The adventure to Ontario was done by plane, so the adventure/trek home could have been done by plane or I could take the scenic route and go by train.  Well train it is.  The trek started with the Go-Train, up at 4:30 in the morning to catch the 5:50am train.  Luckily Ricky is used to getting up this early to take care of her client, she’s a PSW and I don’t know how she does it but she does, good for her, cause I would never be able to do that.  Anyways, off we went to catch the Go Train in Kitchener.  And wouldn’t it just happen that the train is late and its freaking cold too.  So after 30 minutes of waiting for the train, it finally arrives and I schlep my luggage onto the wheelchair car.  Its the only car with a ramp and your able to sit with your luggage.  With the trains being so crowded this was the only car that would work (not that I had to worry about a seat on the first stop and at 5:50 am), it was also easy to tell Priya where to find me.  See she’s on the same train, and although my connection with her didn’t work on the way to Cambridge it was going to work on the way home.

While I was waiting for the train I spoke with this young man (I say young man cause I know how old he is but when I first laid eyes on him, it was hottie) about the train, to make sure I was where I was supposed to be.  We struck up a conversation and I found out he was on his way to Queens.  I assumed he was going back to Queens, which was cool… University man, hubba hubba.  About 6 feet tall, broad shoulders, so polite.. wow, if I had a daughter I would set her up.  Kind of felt a little cougarish for a few minutes but we were just chatting.  I admit he was handsome but I guess its because I don’t have any kids that age and because I’m not “married” that I felt a little courgarish talking to him.  I know its wrong to feel like that but I did.  Anywho, it turns out he wasn’t going back, he was going to visit his girlfriend.  I find this out cause I asked what he was taking in University, “who me, I’m not in University, I’m in grade 12″… lol.. the look on my face must have been priceless cause the poor kid say “yeah I get mistaken for being older all the time”.  I tell him, yes its because you do look older, but its mostly because you are very mature and very articulate and polite. “I would never have guessed you were in high school”.  We then laugh and joke about how easy it is for him to get served in bars.  So he joins me on the wheelchair car too.

So there’s me and this young man on the wheelchair car and a few others and the people on the train are very chatty and so is the conductor (who is good looking by the way, just saying).  I get a flashback to my time taking the Go from Toronto to Streetsville on the Milton line.  We used to sit on the wheelchair car and everyone was so chatty.  They even made a very short lived Canadian TV Show about it called Train 48.  I joined that car a few times and met some interesting people.  This is what this Go-Train car reminded me of.  They were chatting and well me and the kid joined in.  The next stop we arrive at (yeah I don’t remember and to google it seems wrong) this kid jumps on board.  Expensive winter jacket, expensive boots, expensive backpack and full of life.  So he stands in front of the door operator/conductor (as I like to call him) and says would you like to hear a story.  Well of course I over hear this and since we are all talking I say “young man tell it to the crowd not just to one”… so he does.  He starts off by I have a story for you “I was born in a very religious family”, oh oh this isn’t starting off too well, I’m thinking this is going to be a “convert” speech.  But the kid goes on to say that I’m following my dream and I live in the here and now.  He doesn’t look to the future cause he’s living now and going where the road takes him.  He’s not afraid to try anything as long as he’s happy, blah blah blah…  To be honest I truly believe everything the kid said.  I do believe that you need to live for you, that you need to love what you are doing, that you shouldn’t be afraid to break free, but honestly this coming from a 19 year old whose daddy is paying for everything, well he lost a lot of credibility.  The people on my car (still the original 7 of us) started (in a very nice way) giving him a hard time.  So much so, cause he couldn’t answer their questions that he sat down away from us until he got to his stop.  Its great to believe in something but you need to know why you believe in it and be able to talk to it.  Once he got off the train, I stated that I believed in what he was talking about, but at the age of 19 you kinda had to pay your dues, you know get a job, pay a mortgage, have responsibility then you could do what he was talking about.  I actually told them that I quit my corporate life after 20 some odd years and packed up and moved to Nova Scotia to open a B&B, they were very impressed and wished me well.  They also said they wished they had the courage to do that.

As this kid is giving his spiel I start really looking at the people in the car and there is this Asian man who looks so damn familiar.  I know I’ve seen him somewhere before.  I can’t seem to place him though.  Was it at Soroc? no, IFDS, definitely not then it must have been TD.  He keeps looking at me as if I seem familiar to him too but of course neither of us say anything.  Then he mentions how he used to drive into Milton to catch the train and I jump up and say, you took the Milton Go-Train line didn’t you.  That’s where I know you from.  Lo and Behold the guy was from the same party car that I mentioned earlier… now that’s a coincidence or what.  We caught up a little on the people that we used to know and where they are now, it was nice strolling down memory lane.  See I knew I recognized him from somewhere.. lol

Well after that we just kept chugging along the stops, its a long ride from Kitchener, we get to Brampton and I’m expecting Priya, but she doesn’t come on.  Oh no did we get our wires crossed.  So the next step is in Brampton also, and I’m looking looking can’t see her, but then I here a “Lorie”, there she is… boy it was nice seeing Priya.  Then we get to the next stop and Nick M. from IFDS (another cutie) hopes the same car but at the other end.  So I call out to him and he’s stunned to see me, but of course I’m in Nova Scotia not on the go-train.. lol

Well Priya and I chatted the rest of the way to Toronto then we went for a quick breakfast before I had to catch my train and she needed to go back to work.  It was nice chatting with her and catching up.  I miss this woman.  I hope they are treating her right at IFDS she is a pretty smart cookie and I hope they aren’t dumb enough to lose her.

This is me and Priya…


Well after Priya went off to work I moseyed over to the first class lounge at Via to wait for my train ride home.  Yes I went business class, cause why not, gotta go in style sometime in your life. They converted the old restaurant that was there into the lounge, you need to check in (so they know you belong, no riff raff lol) and they have free drinks and coffee.  No Snacks though..  so I snagged an apple and orange juice cause it was going to be a long ride home.

IMG_3233 IMG_3234

This train left at 11ish and by 11:30 am I had my coke and rye (it was noon somewhere so zip it)


At 12:45pm a lovely lemon scented warm towel was delivered, in which I partook of the face and hand washing custom prior to lunch being served.  And for lunch at around 1:15pm


OH YUMMO, lentil salad, 3 huge slices of goat cheese and roasted vegetables, holy makka it was yummy.  Didn’t eat the salad but used the balsamic/oil dressing to dunk the bread in (so european of me).  And with lunch some lovely white wine, fudge, and biscotti.

I kept trying to take pictures across the aisle but couldn’t make it work and I think the french guy thought I was trying to get pics of him, so I just watched my movies and played Candy Crush and watched the scenery and chatted with the guy beside me all the way from Toronto to Montreal.



Once we arrive in Montreal, I grab my bags and head over to McDonalds for something to eat.  Its now about 6:30 and I’m hungry and I know that I’ll be in my sleeper car all night and all day tomorrow so I’d best eat something now.

The one thing I didn’t know was that because I was in a sleeper car, this was still consider first class, so I got to go into the first class lounge in Montreal too.  Not as big as Toronto, but nicer chairs than sitting out with the riff raff (lol).

Once the train was ready to board I grabbed my luggage and went looking for the Hogwarts train. lol.  Its exactly what it felt like.  So I get into my little sleeper car, it was so cute.  The first thing I do is look for a plug and I’m almost in tears cause I cant find one, but then I find it in the bathroom and I’m happy again.  No plug means no Movies and No phone…  so yeah I was a little panicked.  🙂

Once I sat down on the bench, I noticed there were two plugs there so I moved the electronics from the bathroom into the living car.. lol  I took some pictures…

IMG_3253 IMG_3255 IMG_3259

I brought some snacks too…  the green bottle is Panana Jacks’s… oh my this was really really good, I also snagged two apples from Montreal First Class lounge and there’s the apple and orange juice and the silver packages are sandwiches (veal sandwiches) that I brought from the Portuguese store in Cambridge, or rather Ricky did.  This was going to be my food all day tomorrow, that and a little be of chocolate.

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And here’s me and Chuck, told you he travelled in style.



I took some video too.  The car was really really really small, not sure how two people are supposed to sit here all comfy like but for one is good.

So I sat in the sleeper car, watched movies and looked out the window, there were some pretty spots when I could see.  Remember I was now travelling at night so not a lot to see.  We left Montreal around 8pm but weren’t arriving in Truro until 5pm, so I’m not sure where we stopped overnight but we did stop, I remember waking up a few times (more than a few) and we weren’t moving.  The reason I kept waking up, well I can’t sleep on hard beds and this mattress was like a rock.  It was a horrid night for sleeping but it was a great experience.  Would I ever travel in a sleeper car again, not without my air mattress. lol


I woke up at 6am to try and take some pictures of the sunrise, this is what I got and yes were were stopped.

Not a lot of sleep but hey I could sleep when I got home.  The next day I woke to apples and orange juice and a sandwich and took lots of pics and watch lots of TV.

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It was a great trip, but I couldn’t stay cooped up in the cabin all day, so I started venturing out. I walked to the end of the train to the observation car, it was really cool, but there were some very noisy rugrats there and I couldn’t stay there very long.  But I got some pics and  sat downstairs and once they left then I went back up and really enjoyed the trip.


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Well that’s basically the end of my trip home…  I spent the rest of the time watching movies and the scenery but not much else.  It was a very very very long ride and although I’m glad I did it, I doubt I’d ever do it again.



So that’s it…  Til next time and yes this time its the first part of the B&B and how things are coming together.